I need to read & write more often

Who, What, When, Why, & Where


I don’t fancy myself a writer. I don’t particularly like writing either. But I do want to tell stories. And as of right now writing is the best way to get stories out of your head and into the world.

I’ve worked with a lot of people who claim to be writers. But they never write and when they do it usually is not good. The idea of being a writer sounds cool. But really I think it just excuses people from the responsibility of actually producing something worth while. Most times people are not willing to put the time in to make something good, or just simply don’t understand conflict and good compelling story telling. So…


I’ve decided I need to spend time on a daily basis reading and writing which is why this blog/webpage has started. People say – and I agree – that reading and writing are like muscles. I figure if I make an effort to do both everyday, when it comes time to sit down and write that elusive screenplay again, I’ll be more familiar with the process of expressing my thoughts on the page. It will be easier to pull them concisely, creatively and interestingly out of my head. Right now my brain has atrophied to a sad sad place in terms of expressing myself through words. This is my effort to fix it. Like signing up for a gym membership for creativity and articulating thoughts with written word.


Hopefully two to three times a week. Or whenever I encounter something interesting that I feel like sharing. Instead of running my mouth to my friends – which I do all the time – I’m going to try to write it up that day, while it is still fresh.


Why am I doing this? Why should you care? Why are you reading this?

  • I’m doing this to become a better writer when it comes to telling stories and writing screenplays.
  • If you do or don’t care about this stuff, doesn’t matter to me, I’m doing it as an exercise for myself.
  • If you are reading this, maybe you find something I’m doing with my life interesting.

This is one of my attempts to do more writing even if it will mostly be stupid. Also I think this will be better than Facebook as a log of my day to day life. I want to create more than I consume.


Where this thing will go I have no idea, and doesn’t really matter. Hopefully it will lead to me writing more dramatic, compelling fictional stories. On this page it’ll mostly pertain to talk about my current projects, old video games, my company, and Star Wars. Oh and lots about my pug.

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